Resolute is born from a love of coffee and belief in the human spirit. 

My first experience with coffee occurred in a place where it was both a drink and currency.  In prison from the age of 17, I quickly learned that coffee could be traded for everything from stamps for sending letters home to winnings from a handball game.  It could offer a feeling of freedom, leading to time spent in conversation with a friend or enjoying a moment of solitude in the yard looking up at the sky.  Inside, limited availability of coffee enhanced its value as a local commodity, surprisingly reminiscent of its prized status in civilizations throughout history.

Since leaving that place at 21, I resolved to moving myself forward, far away from the place and the person I was when I was sent there.  In 20+ years, through my own personal and fitness journey, the experience of a simple cup of coffee – both energizing and comforting – has remained a constant.

Initially, I could barely run or do a pull-up.  I pushed myself to see what my body is capable of, working out in the park with the first CrossFit affiliate in the area, dropping 100 pounds, and reaching toward my goal of participating in an Ironman triathlon.  I spent years progressing with my running, local group bicycle rides which then led to crit and stage races, and eventually participating in sprint and Olympic triathlons.  I have since participated and made the podium in numerous triathlons, marathons, half marathons, bicycle races, and fitness racing through Hyrox and Deka.

Throughout this process of transformation, the first thing I would do was drink coffee as I prepared to meet my goals for each day.  I have found that getting a workout in at the beginning of the day sets the day up right and clears my mind, and black coffee rides, runs, and workouts have been my norm for more than ten years.  That’s when I feel my best.

As I reflect back on my journey, I have learned a lot about myself and I have also met the best friends and most important people in my life.  I have owned successful businesses, and I have done my best to give back to our community, especially our youth.  I decided that my next venture would reflect my belief in athletics and its transformative impact on our youth in aspects from team building to positive social interaction.  It would be a place that is about connecting to friends, community, and opportunities for young people to participate and stay healthy and out of trouble.  How better to connect than over a cup of coffee? 

All coffee is ethically sourced to support the communities from which it comes and is roasted in small batches by myself to ensure quality. 

Welcome to Resolute Coffee.  We look forward to being a part of your day.


Thank you!